Do you need henna applied for your party or wedding?

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My passion for Henna began in my childhood days; watching in awe as Henna artists brought together contours to create magical patterns - and all without guides or direction - simply from their imagination!

This inspired me, hoping that one day I would do the same: take creativity to the next level by integrating traditional and modern cultures to present every bride's dream!

That inspiration led to motivation and determination.

Now, a Henna artist for 7 years, I am living my childhood dream. Each bride is unique and each bride has their own dream to look beautiful on their special day.

I strive to give each bride a different and custom-tailored application, catering specifically to the hands I hold, so that when they sit at their ceremony, nervous, and often shy, they can look to their hands, where in essence, lays a beautifully laid application - a masterpiece.

I provide 100% natural herbal products, using a double chiffon filtered henna powder and Herbal oils to create a beautiful colour that will stain well and last long